The Writing Bee Competition

The Writing Bee kicks off in schools with students participating in district or school-based Qualifying sessions. Students who qualify move on to the Finals with a chance to be crowned The Writing Bee Champion.

How it works diagram

1. Kick Off

Students read/view the introduction and accompanying guidance notes before writing their submissions. Teachers can provide feedback and request revisions, multiple times if necessary, before approving each student's work.

2. Qualifying Rounds

Participants then read the anonymous submissions of their peers in small batches and cast votes for their favorites. A winning submission will be identified and announced on the site.

3. Finals

The winners and top vote-getters from each district/school's three Qualifying rounds will be eligible to compete in The Writing Bee Finals. All students who participated in Qualifying Sessions are eligible to read and cast votes for their favorites throughout The Finals.

4. Winner

Only the winner and top vote-getters from each round move on to subsequent rounds in The Finals, with the winner of the last round being crowned The Writing Bee Champion!

The Writing Bee is powered by Bw splat

The Writing Bee employs BoomWriter’s unique content generation platform that allows students to compete and collaborate online as they:

Works bullet read

The prompt

Works bullet write

An entry

Works bullet share

With peers

Works bullet vote

For the favorite

Works bullet repeat

Until complete

The 2019 Writing Bee Timeline

Result icon words
October - January

Schools register to participate in The 2019 Writing Bee.

February - May

Schools conduct their own district or school-based Writing Bee Qualifying Sessions consisting of three successive rounds in which all students can participate in each round.

June 2019

Qualifying Session Winners and top vote-getters from each district compete in The Writing Bee Finals consisting of three rounds and a ‘knockout’ format. Only individual round winners and top vote getters move on to subsequent rounds, with the final round winner becoming The 2019 Writing Bee Champion!